Lemonades and cocktails

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The summer came to Moscow at last and together with it – time of soft drinks.

The Lodka restaurant offers the guests a wide choice of refreshing lemonades, vitamin smoothies and nonalcoholic cocktails.
Lemonade is a favourite taste since childhood. The Lodka restaurant offers not only the classical recipe with a lemon or cream-soda, but also unforgettable taste of an estragon, raspberry or blackberry. And fans of exotic combinations can try lemonade with marakuy, a coco or treat. The summer offering also includes the smoothies from fresh berries and fruit enjoyed by Moscow fashionmongers long ago. Blackberry, strawberry, litchi, raspberry and passion fruit – you can find a new favourite for every taste!
Those who wish to be refreshed will find in the menu classical and strawberry nonalcoholic mojitos. It is a safe choice of the last seasons. However the real judges of Pan-Asiatic cuisine will choose Tye Mix cocktail with ginger, a magnolia vine, honey and a lime. The unusual combination will change your view that it is necessary to drink this summer!

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