Autumn palette of tastes at Lodka restaurant

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So that guests of restaurant could feel fully all charm of bright fall, Kostya Tszyu decided to please them with the favourite dishes from the Russian, Uzbek and, certainly, exotic Asian cuisine.

The menu of restaurant replenished with new tastes. Now at our restaurant it is possible to taste legendary Russian salad with a duck breast, a turkey and quail egg. The frequent guest on the Russian table – all a favourite classical borsch – is cooked at our restaurant according to the ancient recipe and is served in a bread hunk, and a stewed fish soup in a pot royally is surely accompanied by appetizing rasstegai.
Introduction in the menu of restaurant of dishes from the Siberian fishes living in taiga Yenisei, – omul, muksun, whitefish and salmon trout, and also a refined Russian regale – pike patties with wild rice in mushroom sauce became a subject of our special pride.
Bright paints in a palette of new tastes will add recognized hits of Oriental cuisine – a juicy skewers of lamb, rich shourpa and, certainly, the real Uzbek pilaf – traditional, wedding and chaykhansky, cooked by ancient traditions.
The list of dishes of Asian cuisine which by right is considered the Lodka restaurant card, also replenished with gastronomic novelties. Special attention of gourmets stewed veal ribs in pear and peppery sauce, Chilean seabass in a sesame crust with baby asparagus and corn in spicy and soy sauce deserve, a shrimp in sour-hot sauce with cilantro and a young asparagus.
And the firm dessert from meringue with strawberry sauce and mango mousse in the form of boxing gloves from Kostya Tszyu becomes sweet end of your dinner.
We invite you to take pleasure in richness of paints and tastes of fall in a good company at Lodka restaurant!

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