Bright spring in the Lodka restaurant !

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After 7 weeks of the Lent for smooth transition from lenten fare to tasty food our chefs created for you new dishes!

Taste the light and fresh salads in the Mediterranean style: with an octopus, an asparagus and a juicy celery in Pesto sauce or juicy salad with strawberry, arugula and pekorino, flavored with walnut powder. And also taste the popular Italian appetizer “Parmigiano” — a saute from eggplants and tomatoes sandwiched the baked cheese.

Our Italian chef cooks risotto with an octopus and ink of a cuttlefish in creamy saffron sauce, and a paella — with crayfish, mussels and scallops. The chef stuffs Kannelone with a duck and tomato and creamy sauce. One more rare dish from a bird of this spring — a ragout from a pheasant and baked potatoes.

On your choice we offer dishes which the Mediterranean cuisine and Lodka restaurant are so famous for: dorado fillet poached in wine with cherry tomatoes and Provencal herbs, grilled assorted seafood — the whole octopus, crayfish, shrimps and scallops with Tsitronel sauce, grilled Turbot fish with aroma of oranges and citrus sauce.

For those who loves meat, we warmly recommend “Falsomagro” — a crispy sausage from the gentle beef stuffed with ceps and quail egg in creamy and mushroom sauce.
New Asian dishes of this spring is the real festival of magnificent seafood!

Lovers of fish and seafood can choose on appetizer a scallop in the sink stuffed with shrimps or a soft-shell crab with avocado and red caviar.
For the main course we recommend tender meat of a lobster with cheese sauce, grilled fillet of roosterfish or a pappy sole with spicy and sesame glaze. These dishes will give you a real pleasure!

Do not miss a chance to taste a flavoured meat dish – a gigot stewed in spices with a honey and rosemary crust and grilled vegetables prepared in Asian style.
And at all do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying fresh author’s desserts from our pastry chef!

“Crimson clouds” — a gentle raspberry souffle with a meringue crumb in yogurt sauce and “A poppy dessert” — gentle biscuit and poppy roll with raspberry sauce and caramel Cointreau.
Try culinary delights of the new spring season!

Reserve: +7 (495) 647-64-04; +7 (963) 727-66-85

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